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Lithonia Lighting OMERO Family

Lithonia Lighting

OMERO™ Family

The Omero™ family of architectural outdoor products from Lithonia Lighting® consist of cohesively designed luminaires that blend seamlessly in area, wall and site lighting applications. Built to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor elements, the Omero family is sleek in appearance with its low-profile design and concentric circular levels. Flexibility in height, wattages, mounting and lamp options allows designers to reveal forms, define spaces and enhance architectural environments. The Omero family of products are designed to meet all of your needs for commercial outdoor applications.

Omero™ Area and Roadway Luminaires (MR) – Omero Area and Roadway Luminaires combine daytime aesthetics with outstanding nighttime performance. This premier low-profile architectural area lighting solution enhances an array of architectural environments including parking areas, roadways and pedestrian walkways.

Omero™ Wall Mounted Luminaire (MRW) - The Omero Wall Mounted Luminaire has multiple distributions in either lens up or lens down applications that allow designers to accent architectural details or provide perimeter illumination for performance and security.

Omero™ Bollards (MRBX) – These 8” bollards uniquely integrate the Omero aesthetic elements into low-level pedestrian pathway applications. With a choice of heights and distributions, Omero Bollards can be incorporated into any design.

October 29, 2016

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