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The industry's best value in circuit protection in a 1 in. wide industry-standard format for one-pole circuit breakers. The Square D exclusive Qwik-Open® protection is standar


Steel City 68R Recessed Covers

We've Got Everything Covered!  Steel City 68R Recessed Covers

Plug in power and communication cords, and then close the lid to hide unsightly plugs and receptacles below the floor!

• Unique cover provides aesthetic recessed service with costeffective box options for concrete, wood sub-floor and raised floor applications

• Patented lid can be rotated to expose a small opening for cords, enabling the lid to close flush with the floor while in use

• Cover accepts one duplex or GFCI receptacle — no special device plates required (receptacle purchased separately)

• Cover accepts up to two communications jacks — includes one 2-port keystone data plate and one blank data plate for custom cut-outs or power-only applications (communications jacks purchased separately)

• Nonmetallic covers are available in black, gray, beige and brown. Black covers are available with an optional brass or aluminum flange

• Two set screws lock the cover in place — no gluing required

The Round Floor Box Cover…with a Twist!

A key feature of the 68R Recessed Covers is the patented “Open, Rotate & Close” lid. This feature enables the lid to close in two different positions: “Not-in-Use” and “While-in-Use.”  When the floor box is not in use, the lid closes securely to prevent water and dirt from getting in the box. In this position, the cover meets UL® Scrubwater Exclusion requirements, and the box will be protected during mopping or carpet cleaning.  To ensure that the lid is closed properly, align the semicircle on the lid with the semicircle on the flange that is closest to the screwdriver slot.

Open the lid

With the lid in the “Not-in-Use” position, insert a screwdriver into the small slot beneath the lid and lift open.

Rotate the lid

Rotate the lid 60° clockwise until the lid hits a stop.

Plug in the cords

Insert all power and communications plugs into the appropriate receptacles.

Close the lid

Route all cords through the small opening in the lid and securely close the lid. The semicircle on the lid will align with the second semicircle on the flange.


Closed: While-in-Use

October 29, 2016

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