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The Omero™ family of architectural outdoor products from Lithonia Lighting® consist of cohesively designe


QO Circuit Breakers

QO® Circuit Breakers

The industry leader in circuit protection is easily recognized by the industry's only trip indicator—the red Visi-Trip® Indicator makes it easy to spot a tripped circuit breaker. Compact 3/4 in. wide format for one-pole circuit breakers helps minimize panel space and footprint. The Square D exclusive Qwik-Open® protection is standard on all 15 A and 20 A circuit breakers— trip reaction within 1/60th of a second. No other circuit breaker trips faster. A comprehensive selection of 10kA rated circuit breakers is available including:


  • QO one-pole standard circuit breakers (10 A to 70 A)
  • QO two-pole standard circuit breakers (10 A to 200A)
  • QO three-pole standard circuit breakers (10 A to 100 A)
  • QO tandem circuit breakers (15 A to 20 A)
  • QO ground-fault circuit interrupters (1- and 2-pole, 15 A to 60 A)
  • QO-EPD circuit breakers with 30 mA equipment ground-fault protection (1-pole, 2-pole, 15 A to 60 A)
  • Arc-D-Tect® arc-fault circuit interrupters (1-pole, 15 A and 20 A)
  • QO-K circuit breakers, key operated (1-pole, 10 A to 30A)
  • QO-SWN circuit breakers with switch neutral common trip, NEC 514-5 (2- and 3-pole, 10 A to 50 A)
  • QO-HID circuit breakers for circuits feeding fluorescent or high intensity discharge (1-, 2-, and 3-pole, 15 A to 50 A)
  • A full line of factory installed accessories, such as shunt trips, auxiliary switches and alarm switches, is also available.
  • QO sub-feed lugs, 2-pole rated 60A, 125A and 225A; 3-pole rated 125A.
  • Additional products available with interrupting ratings of 22kA, 42kA and 65kA.

Plug-on QO circuit breakers are for use in QO load centers, NQOD panelboards or Speed-D® switchboard distribution panels. Bolt-on QOB circuit breakers are for use in NQOD panelboards.

October 29, 2016

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